Thursday, January 1, 2009


Choosing your catering food to do yourself can seem scary. No fear, there are many ways to cater your wedding. Make it simple, create a look of expense and have fun. Kathy the mother of the bride cooked all of this food herself and we presented it. We created an atmosphere of Tuscan food. Kathy and her husband had recently come back from Italy so it made sense to have a Tuscan wedding for her daughter.
She bought an Italian cook book, choose simple desserts and this is the look she had me create. Simple, easy and inexpensive. Take time to think things through when it comes to one of the most expensive items on your budget. Plan wisely and always be creative in what you are trying to create.
The biggest thing that impressed the guests is Kathy baked biscotti bread the church smelled like an Italian restaurant. What a cool event it was.

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