Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kricia Morris Photography

Recently I meet a wonderful photographer through Twitter. Kricia is amazing. Her eye for color and style really made me feel like I was there. Kricia lives in Hawaii where she is able to take the most beautiful pictures of stunning events. I am impressed with how Kricia captures the real moment of what she is photographing. Some photographers capture the moment in posed, structured positions. Kiricia's style is fun, vibrant and energized. Check out her new blog at, you can also find her on twitter and face book.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth Introduction Video

Carol Tuttle is an amazing woman. Watch this video, contact her salon and you will find your true self.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crashless Energy and WeightLoss For Brides

There are new products on the market now called Live and Revive created by the Nuriche Company located in Provo, Utah. I have personally tried these products, lost weight and had more energy without the dreaded crash.
I recommend these products to brides for their weight loss or energy needs. I have watched over the years brides (mothers,and sisters) that make weight loss a huge part of their wedding day. That is great if you are loosing weight for the purpose of health. Loosing weight to fit into a dress that is too small for your natural shape of your body isn't good. Loosing wight naturally is a big plus in my opinion. Being happy, strong, and energetic will make your wedding day wonderful
Brides, Mother of the brides, and sisters who are on a strict weight loss program before the big day usually have massive mood swings, especially if they are starving themselves.
Let me just say, "It is not worth it"! If you are certain that you need to loose weight in order to get into a smaller dress, then do it in a way that it doesn't harm your body. That is where these products come in to play. All natural whole foods (basically Fruits and Vegetables) will help you loose weight if you follow the Nuriche weight loss plan, you too will loose weight naturally. There are NO chemicals to harm you or create anxiety.
To order FREE SAMPLES of Live and Revive please visit
You will receive $12.00 worth of product to try for three days. All you pay is shipping and handling of $5.95.
Anyone can take these products, my children from 11-21 take the Live and Revive. I am sure that you will find these products to be the best you have ever tried.

Kaylee and Dexter's Reception (they love skittles)

Wedding day and all went off without a single problem. Kaylee and Dexter are the cutest couple. They were so wonderful to let me do what I wanted. The only request Kaylee had was that she wanted Skittles for their centerpieces. I was glad to accommodate those wishes.
Gerber daisies and skittles were everywhere. I enjoyed this wedding.
Deciding on what you want for your wedding is extremely important. When you let others make your decisions for you, later on you will have resentment feelings towards those who convinced you to do what they desired.
Stand your ground, do what you feel is best.
I am excited for Kaylee and Dexter. I bless you with a great life together. Your love is Eternal.
Thank You!
Shalyn Sanders

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hot Pink Wedding

Colorful weddings create an atmosphere of fun, excitement and romance. This wedding was at the union station. Very beautiful.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wedding or Funeral

Again, I am faced with the question from a bride. " A close family member recently died. I am considering putting out a few tables with pictures of them and our life together, do you think that this is a good idea?" After consulting with several other wedding planners the answer we all came up with is frankly "No". Why would you take a joyous occasion turn it into a funeral. That is what funerals are for is to celebrate the life of the person who died. A wedding reception is not the place to resurface those sad and depressing memories. Remember, this is a celebration of love as two people are joining their lives together. The focus should be on the couple getting married and NOT the deceased relative.
I am not trying to sound cruel or disrespect anyone who has died , this is NOT my intent. What I am trying to say in a kind way to all who may have this question pondering in their mind, let the deceased be remembered by a few photo's or in the wedding video presentation. As for placing table(s) out of family photo's, you are taking away from the mood to celebrate a new beginning. I personally want to see pictures of the bride and groom not numerous pictures of someone who has passed away.
Keep it simple. Large tables of pictures, cutouts, clothing or sports memorabilia really have no place at your event. Make it as happy as it can be. Don't create sad feelings when all who attend your event are there for enjoyment. Their is a time and a place for funerals as well as a place for weddings. Be considerate to your guests, let them enjoy your wedding. You deserve a happy event. Make it a good one.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Creative Guest Book Pages

When I see a guest book that has been carefully designed either by a family member or a professional scrapbooker, I want to look at all of the pages that have been created before I sign my name. Amber Southworth made these pages for her cousin Abby. These pages will be a constant reminder to Abby that her book was made with love (and style).
Try designing a scrapbook/Guest Book for you event. There are many local retail shops that can assist you in designing the perfect scrapbook/guestbook.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lindsay and Tom

This had to be the most unique wedding ever in my career......WE as in all of my relatives were trying to figure out mother nature. It rained then it was sunny. It poured then the sun fought it's way through the clouds, giving us all hope that it would be a great night. As it turned out, the weather was beautiful and so was the bride and groom. I love pool side weddings, this wedding reception was elegant. The guests were served their choice of Aggie Ice cream. I am so proud of Lindsay and Tom, their love story is beautiful. Thank you for all of your support. I am so glad that we are family. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lindsay is so beautiful

Lindsay is so beautiful. Her tulip bouquet is elegant. Lindsay truly has great beauty. I love these photos.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Something soft and sweet

When you see rose petals on a floor by an isle runner it adds softness no matter what color the petals are. Adding small things to your wedding make such a difference. If you shop smart it will only cost you a small amount of money vs letting a professional decorate and charge you probably twice what it would have cost you to do it yourself.
There are so many things that you can create by yourself. Just make sure that they are classy not just thrown together. Take the time to think things through, make good decisions then create a fun event.
Try not to let outside influences dictate what you want. You are the creator of your event make it a great memory for all who attend.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Abby's Bridal Bouquet

I loved making this bouquet for Abby. Calla Lillie's and Hydrangea's with shimmer and bling. Great pictures. They were taken by

Abby's Reception

Decorating for Abby's wedding was very fun. I was able to simplify the decorations with Calla Lillie's and twigs. Abby was a bride of grace and beauty so it was easy to create a feeling of love , joy and everlasting memories. Less is more in most cases. Positive wedding day memories are so very important Abby and her family were easy to work with. As a couple Abby and Rory projected their love to their guests, and it shows in how we decorated. Thanks for letting me create an event that was so fun and beautiful.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Marissa and Troy

I am so excited to share with you this wedding that I decorated. Marissa and Troy were a joy to work with. They let me loose and I created a wedding for them to remember. Color was key to make this wedding stand out and scream elegance. It was a honor to work with the Stringham's in creating a fun event for me as well. Marissa has an incredible smile as well as personality that make all who come in contact with her comfortable. I was so impressed by her family and how they all came together especially with the food. I have yet to see a buffet like they had. The food was excellent. Your parents are awesome! I hope we keep in touch. Thank you:)