Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kaylee and Dexter's Reception (they love skittles)

Wedding day and all went off without a single problem. Kaylee and Dexter are the cutest couple. They were so wonderful to let me do what I wanted. The only request Kaylee had was that she wanted Skittles for their centerpieces. I was glad to accommodate those wishes.
Gerber daisies and skittles were everywhere. I enjoyed this wedding.
Deciding on what you want for your wedding is extremely important. When you let others make your decisions for you, later on you will have resentment feelings towards those who convinced you to do what they desired.
Stand your ground, do what you feel is best.
I am excited for Kaylee and Dexter. I bless you with a great life together. Your love is Eternal.
Thank You!
Shalyn Sanders

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