Friday, May 15, 2009

Wedding or Funeral

Again, I am faced with the question from a bride. " A close family member recently died. I am considering putting out a few tables with pictures of them and our life together, do you think that this is a good idea?" After consulting with several other wedding planners the answer we all came up with is frankly "No". Why would you take a joyous occasion turn it into a funeral. That is what funerals are for is to celebrate the life of the person who died. A wedding reception is not the place to resurface those sad and depressing memories. Remember, this is a celebration of love as two people are joining their lives together. The focus should be on the couple getting married and NOT the deceased relative.
I am not trying to sound cruel or disrespect anyone who has died , this is NOT my intent. What I am trying to say in a kind way to all who may have this question pondering in their mind, let the deceased be remembered by a few photo's or in the wedding video presentation. As for placing table(s) out of family photo's, you are taking away from the mood to celebrate a new beginning. I personally want to see pictures of the bride and groom not numerous pictures of someone who has passed away.
Keep it simple. Large tables of pictures, cutouts, clothing or sports memorabilia really have no place at your event. Make it as happy as it can be. Don't create sad feelings when all who attend your event are there for enjoyment. Their is a time and a place for funerals as well as a place for weddings. Be considerate to your guests, let them enjoy your wedding. You deserve a happy event. Make it a good one.

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