Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Having time to plan your wedding is something most brides find themselves lacking . Between all that is expected of the new bride to be, sometimes feelings of being overwhelmed can take over and panic sets in. Trying to find time really gets harder and harder, so give yourself plenty of time to plan. I know to some, long engagements are hard to do. But financially speaking, it might be better to wait a little longer if you can handle a longer engagement. It can be beneficial not only to you, but to everyone else involved.
Make a list of the your most favorite times of year to be married. When you have determined the time of year, and depending on when you get engaged, that's how much time you will have to plan. My advice is to give yourself six months to plan a great event.
One thing to remember; the quicker you get married, the more you will compromise on what you can afford for your wedding. Try to not rush this special event and give yourself time to enjoy this fun and exciting time in your life.

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